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Stela (guest) 07 Sep 2017 02:28
in discussion DirectX.Capture Forums / General » invalid autdate

Hi Ben,
Did you manage to fix your problem with the ivalid autdate in Facereader? I am experiencing the same now and would appreciate some insights.

by Stela (guest), 07 Sep 2017 02:28

I use your DirectX.Capture library in my project. I program in VS 2012 visual basic I developed my project under win 8.1 and did worked under xp.
I use the scanner DNT ViewScan mobiler A4 Dokumenten/Objektscanner (See by amazone)

It works perfectly with 8.1 and win xp. The software should work now in win 7
The problem just win 7 DirectX.Capture library does not recognize the video scanner with win 7,
So I am this error.
www danvision homepage t-online de/Divers/Capture01.jpg
I am looking for this problem for 2 weeks….
I do not know how to do more. Could you help me?
Sorry for my English
thank you

You can do it. After install UScreenCapture, you will se new Device available in DirectShow device list (Filters.VideoInputDevices). Capture from that device, you will get screen video.

invalid autdate
ben (guest) 28 May 2013 17:27
in discussion DirectX.Capture Forums / General » invalid autdate

Hi there,

I used this to create a similar tool which adds a MediaPlayer window next to it (so we could record and play)…

Because I've had some issues with encoders and time limited I've captured as RAW and use another tool to encode in mp4 (dirty but quick)… The problem is tht when I take these resultant mp4 files and put them into another app (Noldus Facereader) it reports an invalid oleaut date…

I've used several converters, and keep getting same result!


invalid autdate by ben (guest), 28 May 2013 17:27

It is interesting question i need it too. but cannot find how to do it.
I know there is the way to do it by using DirectShowLib 9 but in this version ther is know such as this functions.
Could smbody help me?

by Ivan (guest), 05 Sep 2012 16:47
Sadia (guest) 11 May 2011 04:34
in discussion DirectX.Capture Forums / General » Are these forums a good idea?

I just want to thank you for the wonderful job you have done here. I just love the work you have done. Its been a tremendous help.

As to these forums being a good idea - well the DirecX.Capture is good enough to demand its own forum. However, codeproject is doing a pretty neat job itself. So these forums do not remain as advantageous as would have been otherwise.

Once again thanks.

by Sadia (guest), 11 May 2011 04:34

Can DirectX.Capture Class Library make screen capture video?

Can DirectX.Capture Class Library make screen capture video? by PrinceOfThief (guest), 08 Nov 2010 15:20

Hello guys
I am trying to implement pause and resume operation in capturing video data from my webcam.
I am new with DirectXCapture and apparently I found probably there are no built-in methods for pause and resume operation in DLL. But I think it can be done using some technique that you guys know. So, please help me with some sample code or some direction. My project deadline is very near and it need to be solved.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Is anyone working on DirectXCapture?

Is DirectXCapture still an active project? by Jamie (guest), 12 May 2009 12:15
how capture image?
melzaiady (guest) 17 Mar 2009 08:29
in discussion DirectX.Capture Forums / General » how capture image?

i want capture image from my webcam without show image on screen.
its is security system and want start webcam ,capture image and stop webcam Immediately
can help me?

how capture image? by melzaiady (guest), 17 Mar 2009 08:29


I m using DirectX.Capture for video recording.
Here I need Color Settings for video.
Is Directx.Capture support Color Settings?

Color Option in Directx.Capture by anki123 (guest), 27 Feb 2009 12:14
video streaming
shravan (guest) 08 Dec 2008 05:52
in discussion DirectX.Capture Forums / General » video streaming

How do I stream the video to the client with out storing it on to the disk after compression by Xvid Mpeg4 codec and how do I receive it at the client and display it in a pictureBox. Can anyone post me the code for the same. My emai id:moc.oohay|444navarhs#moc.oohay|444navarhs. Please this is urgent.

video streaming by shravan (guest), 08 Dec 2008 05:52

Hi I have a MSI TV Capture Card, I tried your fabulous application, the sound works perfect when I record an avi file, but when I switch to preview mode, there is no sound enable, please help me, I would like to have sound enable on preview mode for my project.


Preview with sound by Alejandro (guest), 06 Dec 2008 06:22

Brian Low

I have been coding in various languages (python, perl, java on *nix boxes, for over a decade [all server side/ERP coding]. Recently I have started working a bit with C# because it is quite easy to compile a nice working exe for win32 users)

So I am a pretty decent coder, but new to C#&MS Apis…
I have started messing around with C# to create some software for my family,
anyhoo…I have been looking for a good starting point for webcam code and, well…..
You are a God!
Your code is the most elegant and beautiful thing I have had the privilege to see in a long, long time.
I think I am going to learn alot using this codebase!

thank you man! thank you!

I think it is more likely a bug in the driver software. With my Pinnacle capture card I do not encounter this problem, while my Hauppauge PVR150 cards freeze preview too. THe solution I am using is a de-interlace filter. There are two advantages: first the preview quality increases, second there is preview.

DId you look at my SampleGrabber example at ?

Re: Get one image by almere109almere109, 12 Jun 2008 18:16

Hello Brian,

Thanks for your answer. As you see I am not a frequent visitor yet. I still check the DirectX.Capture related pages now and then and I still receive a number of questions on this subject. I modified my DirectX.Capture program a little bit, I added support for WM profiles in prx file. I analysed your "latest" version and made new code for supporting Color Space and Video Standard. THat code has not been released yet, testing is very time consuming … I usually put my latest version at the


I'm developing a motion detection software.

For this reason I want to capture one image to process it, and then the next and go on…

Is there a way to do it at a full fps rate.

Thanks for your time and sorry for my bad English!

Get one image by Anonymous (84.127.79.x), 15 May 2008 21:24

I think this is a great support for most users!

Good work!

Hello I'm trying to capture and encode using different resolution than capture pin's default ( 320x240 in my case).
But any change in capture pin's resolutions makes preview to freeze, capture and encoding to file still works ok.
I also tryed changing pin preview resolution to same as capture pin, but problem stills happens.
If I use graphedit and build exactly the same graph builded in DiretXCapture ( or in my own c++ capture program ) problem still happens.
So I think that could be a bug in DirectShow, and maybe ther's a workaround to solve it…
Any ideas?

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